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7th January 2013, 20:31
Racist 'funny' pics

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You're last 4 posts really make no sense. What disapproval are you trying to say you have?

1. The humour in the pictures in the OP (and in the article quoted by Wecandobetter) is inherently racist; if you don't know why they are racist, you can't find them funny. And then you really can only find them funny if you agree with the racism, or at least dissociate completely from what such racism entails. There isn't an universal set of stereotypes, that apply independent of culture.

2. Since there isn't an universal set of stereotypes, other cultures see absolutely no relation between Blacks and watermelons, as exemplified by the (quite White) Brazilian Queen and Princesses of Watermelon (and what an American ear would probably interpret as an elaborate racist joke - the Watermelon festival being held at the Carbon Museum - is actually a complete coincidence).

3. Searching for "Festa da Melancia" (Watermelon Festival) in Google Images, found this picture of "square" (actually, of course, cubic) watermelons, found it interesting, and decided to post it here for no better reason than it being interesting (and then joking about the watermelons being "post-spherical", as if they were influenced by Derrida or some other complicated "continental" philosophaster).

4. Making fun of the difficulty Americans - even cultured and progressist Americans - have to realise that the world is vastly wider and more complicated than the US alone (partly because of the assumption that Whites are nowhere victims of structural racism, partly because of the assumption that everyone in the world understands the connection between Blacks and watermelons).


7th January 2013, 16:08

Originally Posted by hetz View Post
Serbs in Kosovo don't suffer from any sort of institutionalized racism?
Kurds in Turkey and elsewhere ( who are also white ) don't suffer from any sort of institutionalized racism?

Oh, please!

Are you trying to imply that there is a world outside of the United States?

Amazing the extents those foreign people will go in their anti-Americanism!


7th January 2013, 15:52

Here, the Queen and Princesses of the Watermellon Festival in Arroio dos Ratos, Brazil:


The party was held at the Museu do Carvão (Coal Museum). Which has nothing to do with the Black race, of course; it has to do with the fact that Arroio dos Ratos has historically been a mining town centered around coal mines. But someone informed of the Black-watermellon connection (and uninformed about Arroio dos Ratos) might think of some nefarious joke in the circumstance.


7th January 2013, 15:46

Originally Posted by l'Enfermé View Post
the biggest problem with these racist pictures isn't that they are racist but that they are not funny.

For us non-Americans, they aren't funny; they don't make any sence, because we can't see any connection between Blacks and watermellons.

To find them funny it is necessary to be acquainted with the stereotype; and in this case, you will only find them funny if you actually don't mind the stereotype. Which, considering the history and the actual situation of Black people in the United States, would strike me as quite insensitive.


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