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23rd July 2013, 11:01
Any tips on how to deal with depression?

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Do shrooms or lsd work. Its possible to get those. I can't exactly just go to South America.
I would suggest not using either when depressed, because they tend to amplify what one is already feeling. A bad LSD trip can be terrifying, and more probable to happen if one is depressed while taking it.

Ayahuasca is different in many levels and ways, and I don't think it would be damaging to one under depression, but anyway people who use it always insist in group use, with at least one person not taking it, because of its weird effects on motricity.


21st July 2013, 18:02

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She is like my dream girl but she has no interest in me at all.

If she has no interest in you at all, she is a woman with very awful tastes and poor judgement.


21st July 2013, 17:58

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find projects to work on where you can see the results. even simple stuff like cooking a meal, cleaning your room, doing the dishes or whatever will make you feel better. and as mentioned exercise is a really good idea. whatever mood i am in before going to the gym i almost always feel a lot better afterwards.

Yup, that is good advice. Especially, make cooking a meal or cleaning your room a goal. Set small, easy goals like that, accomplish them, and commemorate your success (wash the dishes, when they are washed, think of yourself as some kind of hero for having washed them. If necessary, establish that the dirty dishes are the evil Nazis, and washing them is the battle of Normandy or Stalingrad).

Try to sleep at night and stay awake by the day, too. If things are really bad, consider professional psychological help. If necessary, they will supply you with the adequate drugs (use them too, if they make you feel better; don't let people indoctrinate you with weird ideas about how this is cheating/unnatural/addicting/anti-communist/anti-ecological/whatever else). It is your life and your happiness, you don't have to conform to anyone else's ideas about how it should be or how should you attain it.

If the drugs don't help you, however, be sure to tell your doctor that, preferably describing what they are actually doing to you. Don't just quit using them out of the blue; tell your doctor that you don't want them anymore and that you want to know what collateral effects this may have, if any.

Avoid pot, alcohol, and anxiolytics, for they may provide provisory relief but will quite certainly aggravate the problem in the medium term. But avoid above all cocaine, the hangover of which includes depressive feelings, sometimes quite intense.


16th May 2013, 11:59
species-being- a magazine of communist polemic

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Jacobin "doesn't work" (re. any genuine elaboration of communist theory) because of its politics, not because of its style. Much of the ultraleft (and I use this term to refer to a particular milieu separate from both leftists and 'far-leftists' (MLs, Trots, etc.)) is troubled by the writings styles and highly ideosyncratic jargon (Part of the reason why this is the case is historical, another part is bad translation) that emerged out of particular milieus (eg. the historical communist left, the french ultraleft, etc.) which makes it very inaccessible to people genuinely interested in communist theory and perspectives, which is a shame imo.

You seem to presuppose that style and politics are separable, which I am not sure is true. I fear the impenetrable jargon serves a political purpose.


12th January 2007, 12:24
Renegades of imperialism

Originally posted by Mazao (http://erevo.blogspot.com@January 18, 2006 04:16 am
In retrospect, the political situation of my country makes perfect sense.

Where did you take this from, or did you write it yourself?

It is typical Brazilian self-bashing.

a country that was solely established in order to make another more powerful, as opposed of establishing a nation based on freedom of expression, and democratic values. Unlike the United States, we started on the wrong foot. Corruption was our father, and injustice our mother.

Because yes, the US was really stablished on freedom of expression and democratic values… which leaves without explanation the little fact that slavery was a part of North american history as much as of ours.

After centuries of occupation, we did not even emancipate our slaves on purpose. They were rather freed by mistake when ruler Don Pedro had an emergency meeting to attend with the Portuguese royal family, and left his ingénues daughter in charge.

That is a condescending lie. The emancipation of Brasilian slaves was the result of a wide mass movement. Naïve princesses cannot do those things if there isn't social and political background for it.

I hated all this corruption from the core.

It is no worse corruption than every other country knows.

It seemed as if the country was stabbed many times by an imperialistic tyrant, and its people were bleeding. Turns out that the same elitist group of people, who colonized the country five-hundred years ago, are still exploiting it.

It is certainly no longer the same elitist group, it has changed many times over history.

The only difference is that we have no more gold and slaves. Now we had exploitation of labor and the miserably poor.

Having no more slavery is no minor change.

They still found ways to control us; however they sucked the blood from an infected animal.


The more underdeveloped the nations the bigger the corruption in the government, thus dictatorships flourish.

Or, rather, in more developed countries corruption isn't a great issue because resources are not so scarce.

The poor majority will wait for somebody to give them hope, like Ernesto Guevara;

However, Guevara looks much more like an idol of the petty-bourgeois youth than a hope of the "poor majority"…

With the birth of “EL CHE,” the struggle to liberate Latin America through guerilla warfare was initiated.


American freedom and independence was gained by war. What makes us so hypocrite is that we gained our freedom through guerilla war. Our victories against the “red coats,” in the American Revolution, were only made possible by our astuteness’ in refusing to fight a conventional war. We did it the most convenient possible way, hiding in the trees and blowing their imperialistic brains out one by one.

That's ridiculous, the Independence War was mostly conventional warfare, and if USans ideologically distort history, is to downplay the role of guerrilla rather than to overestimate it.

In retrospect, invading other countries with no premise is wrong. Bush invaded Iraq to free the poor Iraqui people of the tyrannical dictatorship of Sadam Hussain.


In comparison Che Guevara invaded Cuba to free the people of a country heading towards the abyss.


Really… what is the purpose of this "essay"?


31st October 2005, 17:04
Earth Liberation Front

saying chickens are unable to be free at all, its nonsense

It isn't. Nonsense is to pretend that they can be. They will always do what they are genetically programmed for.

They may be set out from cages, but they won't be any more free because of that.

but chickens just the same as people can feel pain, its that simple

So? Since when pain is what makes the difference between having rights and having not? Why is pain more important than nostalgy or hope, or despair, or love, all things chickens cannot feel?


26th October 2005, 18:59

Heinrich Himmler, leader of the schutzstaffel (SS), attended agricultural college and earned a degree. He was a chicken farmer.
I worked on a factory farm where there were 10,000 chickens in each barn.
I am certainly not trying to trivialize anything, I can recall thinking at the time that it did resemble the photos I have seen of death camps.

Yes; Himmler may have taken some ideas on how to treat Jews from his experience with chicken farming.

What the problem is?

Jews (and Gypsies, and Jeovah Witnesses, and lesbians, and petty criminals, and etc.) are not chickens.

What Heinrich Himmler made was to place human beings at the same level as chickens. You claim to want to do the opposite: to place chickens at the same level as human beings. But, of course, you will never take the consequences of such line of reasoning. You won't vote a chicken into the City Council, you won't hire a chicken as overlooker into your business (and if your boss had such magnificent idea, you would, and rightly, refuse to obey such chicken's orders…), you won't congratulate your friend for marrying a chicken. And then we come to the point: it is only possible to put humans and chickens in the same level through Himmler's method. And this is common sense enough that anyone hearing you claiming for equality between humans and chickens will associate this with Himmler's death camps - which are a material possibility - and not with the impossible utopia of a world where chickens have equal rights with humans.

although i bet the chickens felt just like the people who died in the holocaust

(this must be one of the most insulting sentences I ever read!)

Chickens felt uncomfortable from the crowding, and if at some moment they were singled for killing, they would feel deep, ununderstanding fear - fear of something that they cannot understand or antecipate.

The people who died in the holocaust felt rather different things. Must I remind you?

Here: fear of death; pity for other humans in the same situation; hope that the Red Army or the British would beat the Germans and free them; hate for their torturers; love for their causes; anxiety about their friends or cousins they did not know about; loss, or reinforcement, of their faith; wrath; wish to die; nostalgy of their days of freedom; despair…

It is different. It is by no means equal. Humans can free themselves. Chickens are unable to be free at all.


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